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CallumCallum is now a 13-year-old eighth grader from the Canton, Ohio area. He’s been taking piano lessons with Matt Riddle for a number of years, recently began studying guitar with him as well, and has also been playing trombone since the fifth grade (in concert and jazz band). When he’s not practicing or doing homework, he loves spending time with his family (even his sisters), going to concerts of all kinds (but especially those by the Canton Symphony), playing tennis, going for walks and bike rides, and of course playing video games.

As he’s mentioned in the blog, Callum would love to compose music for video games when he’s older. (Of course he also wants to design the games. And learn Japanese and live in Japan. And become a scientist.) He even adds “concert pianist” to that wishlist in this profile in About magazine. Thanks to the kind words and nomination of retired Canton Museum of Art director M.J. Albacete, Callum was included in the magazine’s 2013 “Amazing Kids” issue (w/ a bit of a SoCal surfer-dude look?)…


Callum composed/improvised a short piece in the style of Philip Glass as a tribute for the composer’s 75th birthday in January 2012. You can imagine how shocked and thrilled he was when Ashley MacIsaac, a friend and collaborator of Glass, commented on the video that the composer had watched it and liked the piece! – “Callum I am sitting in Philip Glass’s music studio at his home and I just showed him your piece and he said it was very good and that you will go on to find your own voice in music and that he was delighted to hear your birthday piece. Keep up the good work!”

Philip Glass birthday tribute
Here’s the video:
Happy 75th Birthday, Philip Glass!

For more videos,
see Callum’s Video Page

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