Casual Brass

Casual Brass

Callum’s really looking forward to the Casual Series brass quintet concert on Friday night (2/8/13). It’s been fun previewing the music and watching his excitement build. You can preview the music for yourself using the CSO’s Spotify playlist for the program: CLICK HERE

View musician profiles on the event page HERE

Callum’s comments:

I am really excited about this concert, especially since I play the trombone, because it’s going to be a brass quintet playing. The musicians in the quintet are all from the Canton Symphony, so I know they are going to sound great. They’re also playing a lot of different pieces, and some of them are really short. So that will make the concert even more interesting, because the music will keep changing.

My dad and I listened to a lot of the music they’re going to play, and I loved it. The more music we listened to, the more excited I got for the concert. It’s going to be so much fun. A lot of it is jazzy, and some of it is sort of funny, too. Especially the one called Livery Stable Blues. My dad says it was on the first “jazz” recording ever made. If you haven’t heard it before, you’ll just have to come to the concert. You’ll be really glad you did. And if you have heard it before, you know what I mean, so you’ll want to come anyway.

They are also playing some music by Leonard Bernstein. I forgot that Bernstein was also a composer. My dad told me that a long time ago, but I forgot. I was thinking he was just a conductor. And now my dad reminded me he was a pianist, too. We watched the parts of West Side Story with the songs they’ll be playing on this concert, and now I want to see the whole thing. It’s one of my mom’s favorite movies and musicals.

They are playing lots of other pieces too, like some songs from Gershwin’s opera, Porgy & Bess. I was really surprised to hear that Gershwin wrote an opera. I always thought of opera as just all classical type singing, not jazzy like Gershwin’s. My dad and I watched some parts of it on YouTube, and I really liked it. It’s a lot different than other operas I’ve heard. It’s really jazzy, and seems to have some blues in it, too. Now I want to see all of Porgy & Bess, too. My dad says it’s great. He saw it a long time ago in Cleveland and loved it.

The other pieces they’re probably going to play are really fun to listen to, plus some of their names are sort of funny, too. Like Old Dog Tray March, The Old Log Hut March, Lilly Bell Quickstep, and Prima Donna Waltz.  They’ll probably even play Yankee Doodle Dandy.

I can’t wait to see the Canton Symphony brass quintet play all of this great music. It’s going to sound great, and it’ll be a lot of fun, too. Plus it’s nice not to have to dress up. I wonder if the musicians will dress up? I guess we’ll just have to see.

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