Cameo Concert at the Lincoln Theatre: Callum’s review

My dad and I went to the Canton Symphony’s Cameo Concert at Lions Lincoln Theatre in Massillon. The first piece they played was by Gioachino Rossini. I’m not even going to try to pronounce his first name. The piece was fun and pretty. It sounds very different at Lions Lincoln Theatre than at Umstattd Hall or the Palace Theatre in Canton because the acoustics are different, and also it was a chamber orchestra. A chamber orchestra is a smaller orchestra that can play in a “chamber” or smaller area instead of a concert hall. The Lions Lincoln Theatre has better acoustics than the Palace Theatre because the Palace Theatre is more for looks, and I think the Lincoln Theatre is more for the sound. Now I’m not saying the Lincoln Theatre is not beautiful, it’s just that I think the people who built the Palace Theatre put all their effort on the looks and not the acoustics, but the people who built the Lincoln Theatre split their effort in two, one half on acoustics, the other half on looks. The Palace has all these decorated walls with statues and big holes so it soaks in the sound.

The next piece was by Mendelssohn. I think this piece (Hebrides Overture, sometimes called Fingal’s Cave Overture) describes the water very well and is sort of minor and I think that is supposed to be the cave. I think there are two reasons why Mendelssohn was able to explain the water and cave so well. 1. Because he is a great musician and knows how to write great pieces and knows how to explain things with music. 2. The cave and waters were part of his experience. If you mix the two together then you basically get the reason that it describes the water and cave so well. If you take some composer who loves to write music and can describe things with music well and take something they want to write about and they have experienced and add them together, you get a piece that describes the topic well and I have a feeling that that’s what Mendelssohn did. Mr. Brown (the conductor) said something funny before they played the piece. He said that Mendelssohn is his favorite composer when he’s not studying Beethoven.

The next piece was by Saint-Saens. This piece is pretty. Lauren Roth was the soloist and she was amazing at the violin. She is the concertmaster of the Canton Symphony and she’s really good. She sounds much better than the soloist that plays in the recording we have at home. The soloist in the recording at my house has sort of a screechy sound to his playing so lots of people call him “screechy Ricci” including me and my dad. The concertmaster for the Canton Symphony sounds way better. No wonder she’s the concertmaster.

The next piece was by Mozart. It sounded powerful and full, even though it was a smaller chamber orchestra. My band director, Mr. Kibler, said to call it full not loud because it is supposed to be full of sound and pretty and a nice sound, not just loud with any old tone and with a bad sound. The Canton Symphony sounds very good and they played it very well (no surprise). This piece has a lot of different dynamics. I loved this concert and I was happy we went to it.

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