A trip to SymphonyLand (with special guest contributor, Maggie)

My dad, my sister Mackenzie and my sister Maggie and I went to the 2nd SymphonyLand concert. I myself enjoyed it and so did my two sisters. Maggie is 6 and Mackenzie is 3. Maggie says about the concert: “My favorite instrument was the clarinet. It was really fun and I really liked the music. Me and Mackenzie both enjoyed it.” I’m really happy that they enjoyed it.

We did this thing where we made a thunder storm. We started with wind. We did the wind by rubbing our hands together, the rain sprinkles by clicking our tongues, the harder rain by patting our legs, the lightning by clapping our hands, and the thunder by hitting and stomping the floor. My sister Maggie said, “I liked it when we did the thunder and lightning. I also liked the sprinkles and the rain. It really sounded like a storm.” I’m glad Maggie loved that too.

They showed us what each instrument sounded like. They said the oboe was the highest then the oboist played. They said the clarinet was in the middle pitch and then the clarinetist played. But then they said the bassoon was the lowest and when he played the lowest note a blue glove popped out of the top. He switched two notes back and forth and when he did that the glove went up and down. Maggie said, “It was really funny and cool. I didn’t know what that blue thing on the top was until it came out and I didn’t think that it would be a glove.”

Then we did a snowflake thing where we put our hands up into the air and slowly move them down. At first we had to do it while the oboe was going down the scale. Then we did it while the oboe played and when the oboe got to as low as it could and then the clarinet took over until it got to the bottom of the scale. Then we did it again and this time the oboe started and then clarinet took over and when the clarinet hit the lowest note then the bassoon took over. Maggie said, “I really liked it and I liked how they did all the cool sounds. I liked how we did the hand thing.”

I think that these concerts are perfect for little kids like Maggie and Mackenzie, but I liked it too. We can’t wait for the next one, when it’s going to be the brass (especially because I’m starting to play the trombone!)

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