Life is like a box o’ chocolates… and sometimes Canton Symphony memories are, too

And not just any box of chocolates. In this case, a box which had at one time contained two pounds of Ben Heggy’s Fine Chocolates. With “CSO” scrawled across the top in big, bold letters with permanent marker, and then underlined for emphasis. Now, literally bursting at the seams, jam-packed with season brochures, select pages from programs, and clippings of newspaper reviews, previews, interviews, and ads. A treasure trove (for me) of musical memories, of every Canton Symphony concert I’d attended as a young’un… plus many others (including, at the very bottom of the box, the program from the April, 1977 Carmen performances for the dedication of Umstattd Hall).  It had been stored in my dad’s attic for many years, and he brought it down a while back and gave it to us, along with a number of other boxes full of memories. But before I’d had a chance to dig into it, we moved, and as tends to happen, it got packed up and stored (basically buried) among unrelated items. So you can imagine how happy I was to unpack it recently. For me, it’s been like opening a time capsule, a bit of a musical “message in a bottle” from my younger self.

I’ll be posting here and there about some of those memories, or including them in reviews if they relate to current programs, but speaking of reviews… Callum and I have some catching up to do! We’ve attended a number of great Canton Symphony concerts of various “shapes and sizes” since our last post, and we’ll finally be posting about those very soon.  But until then, there’s a more immediate priority: Some great programs to recommend this week! We highly, highly recommend the SymphonyLand programs (for the kiddos, on Wednesday & Saturday mornings at both 10 & 11am), and the “Two Pianos” programs (on Thursday afternoon & Friday evening).

Callum, his 6-year-old sister Maggie, and I attended last month’s SymphonyLand program, and it was excellent! We thoroughly enjoyed it, as did all the families in attendance. The orchestra’s Director of Education & Community Engagement, Lisa A. Boyer, has done a marvelous job in creating these innovative presentations.  Definitely worth reading… a blog post from the publisher of the books she’s using for this season’s SymphonyLand series:  A Standing Ovation for Bear

And Callum and I are looking forward very much to the “Two Pianos” concerts! We’ll be attending the Friday night “casual” installment at 7:00, but if it’s a better fit for your schedule, don’t miss the Thursday afternoon “primetime” performance at 1:00!  Click here for all the details.  Here’s a great review, on Seen & Heard International, of last month’s program (this season’s first) that hints at just how wonderful these concerts are: Dynamic Duo Delivers Impassioned Franck & Sizzling Piazzolla

Three fantastic pieces are on the program for Thursday afternoon & Friday evening. Here they are, with links for free listening on Spotify & Rdio!

Brahms – Waltzes, Op. 39
 Spotify (tracks 5-20) | Rdio (tracks 5-20)

Debussy – Petite Suite
 Spotify (tracks 4-7) | Rdio (tracks 5-8)

Bolcolm – Recuerdos: Three Traditional Latin-American Dances
 Spotify (tracks 1-3) | Rdio (tracks 5-7)

Don’t miss out on these wonderful opportunities this week!  Maybe we’ll see you there!

Dad (& Callum)

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