Callum on Broadway! (and in a talent show)

Well, ok… so he’s not actually on Broadway, but he’s on¬†Broadway World! ūüėČ
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Since the¬†BWW article¬†mentions Callum’s Philip Glass video, here it is:

Philip Glass birthday tribute

Now Callum would like to share a quick update and a few other videos w/ you:

After my last blog post, I did something really exciting. I played in a talent show at my school. I wrote a solo piece for keyboard and I played it in front of my entire school and then also in front of the parents and students, and it was an awesome experience. I first had to audition for the show, and it was cool because my two favorite (non-music) teachers from last year РMr. Rhoades and Mrs. Ley Рwere there. My mom brought my keyboard to school for the audition and she took this video:


Then almost 2 months later we had the performances. I played at the two school assemblies, and then at the actual talent show in front of all the parents and students. I was nervous at first, but when I was in the middle of the piece, I realized that I shouldn’t be so nervous, and to just have fun with it. I think my ending¬†sounds like something Rick Wakeman would do. I had a lot of fun. Here is a video of the talent show.¬†Unfortunately, I wasn’t thinking, and during the first after-school rehearsal, when Mrs. Ley asked if I wanted to use the sound system in the Performing Arts Hall, I said no because I thought my keyboard speakers would be loud enough. I was very much wrong, and so, as a result, you can’t hear me very well:


So¬†after the talent show, I made a video that you can hear very well, but I didn’t play as well because I was having a lot of pain in my right wrist from playing so many constant arpeggios:


I can’t wait until the talent show this year, because I am writing another piece, and I’m planning on a surprise!

~ Callum

¬†Callum plans to write next about the CSO‘s exciting new season, the first at the Z!

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