CSO Pops @ the Palace w/ Matt Corey & Elec Simon


Before we get to Callum’s preview/review, here – in no particular order – is just a sample of audience (and performer) reactions to this concert on the CSO Facebook page and elsewhere:

  • What a great night of entertainment in downtown Canton!
  • Best concert I’ve been to in a while. Thanks for introducing me to Matt Corey & Elec Simon, both. Very talented musicians.
  • A-Mazing!!!!
  • When is the next one?!
  • Fantastic night of music and energy! Great mix of music with the CSO and the talents of local musicians.
  • Was awesome! Hope there is a repeat soon!
  • The conductor was awesome! And the CSO members were class musicians who blended well to Matt’s band.
  • Really fun – loved it!
  • Awesome! Do it again!!!!
  • Best time ever!!!! Great show guys!!!!!
  • It was a complete pleasure to be on stage and, be a part of the show! The orchestra was amazing and, as incredible as they may have been to the crowd, it was phenomenal to be sitting on stage right next to them! Major kudos to Matt and Elec! Let’s do it again soon!
  • It was fabulous!!!
  • Totally AWESOME show!!
  • Excellent time for all of us!
  • It was a delightful evening! Please consider to continue your work with Matt and Elec! Amazing!
  • What a fantastic show!!
  • I was just wishing it was last Saturday again and had the concert to go to!! So much fun! 
  • Best concert that Canton Palace has done ever for local professionals!

Here’s what Callum had to say about the rehearsal and concert:

My dad, my sister, and I went to the rehearsal (there was only one) for the Matt Corey and Elec Simon concert and it was fun to get a little taste of what it was going to be like before the concert. I could tell it was going to be a great rehearsal and concert, and that it would be fun as soon as I got there. I wanted to stay for the second half of the rehearsal but couldn’t (I had solo and ensemble early the next morning), but at least I can talk about the first half. It was really cool how Elec Simon was drumming. He was drumming, just to be funny, on a ladder that happened to be next to him when we first got there. He and Matt Corey are both amazing musicians and both amazing at the instruments they play. Elec played in STOMP, which I used to watch a lot when I was much younger. STOMP is a group of percussionists and dancers who use miscellaneous, everyday objects like stools, brooms, trash cans, etc. as percussion instruments. STOMP still tours around and Elec still tours with them sometimes. If you’ve never seen them, I recommend that you look up their videos.

Matt Corey played in Blast: Cyberjam, which is basically Blast 2. I used to love Blast (still do), and I used to watch it really often when I was younger. I also recommend watching them. I also really like Matt Corey’s band. One of the electric basses the bassist was playing, which was a nice wooden one, looked like it might have been an eight string bass instead of four. I really liked the music they were playing. I was sitting up in the balcony and I could see everything. It was really awesome. It was really cool to see what Elec Simon was doing from above. One time he was tap dancing and there was a pad on the stage right next to him. It must have been there to pick up the sounds of the tapping almost like a little flat microphone on the stage floor. I really like the way Matt and Elec were playing together. Matt played super high sometimes, and I bet that took a lot of air. There was so much going on that, at the one point where the guitarist was using the acoustic guitar, I couldn’t hear him at all. There were two keyboardists, a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer, and a DJ with a turntable.

Here’s a short video from rehearsal:


The orchestra was only strings and brass. I think there were two trombones, four trumpets, and some horns. A lot of these pieces are very jazzy and they keep getting stuck in my head. The setup on the stage looked really cool. On the left side of the stage was the band, on the far right was the orchestra, and in the middle of it all was Matt Corey. There was a guy there with turntables but I couldn’t really hear them, but he might have been doing other stuff like the mixing for the band as well. One time the rhythm that Elec played on the bongos sounded like the bongos at the end of Super Mario 64, during the credits. Elec was playing them really fast, and when he was done, he threw his arm up into the air, and yelled “YAA!” Elec also clapped for the orchestra because they sounded great. This concert is going to be awesome.

Then the next night my dad and I went to the concert, and we loved it so much. Before we went to the rehearsal, I didn’t think I was going to like this concert all that much, but it became one of my favorites. One thing thing that was really cool during the concert was that Elec Simon brought one of his students, who was about eight years old, up on stage to play the drums with him, and he did really well. I bet he was nervous coming up there, but he didn’t seem like it at all, and I was surprised. But he wasn’t the only special guest to come and play up on stage with the rest of them. There was also a trumpet player up there for one song that did a really good job. Matt Corey met him in college. There is a whole story Matt told about it, but I don’t remember it well enough to tell it.

Here’s some video of that song:


I’m in jazz band at my middle school, and in the high school jazz band there is a kid, who is a very good saxophonist, who has a black saxophone with gold keys. It looks really cool. And Matt Corey had a huge baritone sax, and it was black with shiny gold keys just like that kid’s. He didn’t play it very often, though. I only remember him playing it once. The first piece they played after the orchestra came out was a version of Beethoven’s Fifth (Walter Murphy/Robin Thicke’s A Fifth of Beethoven/When I Get You Alone). A lot of people there probably weren’t big classical or orchestra fans, so some of them might not be as enthusiastic about the orchestra as they are for Matt Corey or Elec Simon. So when that piece started out with those famous four notes of Beethoven’s Fifth, I’m going to guess that some of those people were maybe thinking “Oh, of course, they have to play their classical music…ughhh” until they heard Matt Corey and the rest of the band start playing and realized what it was.

Some other highlights on video:


At the end of the last song, it was really awesome. Elec had a huge drum solo, then he grabbed a metal folding chair and started drumming on it, and then he started tap dancing. Then he told one part of the audience to clap a certain rhythm and then did the same for another part of the audience but with a different rhythm and so on. Then, while we were clapping those rhythms, he told us to keep going, and he and everybody else on stage left the stage, leaving us sitting there clapping, having no idea what just happened. And that was the end of the concert. It was really funny. The concert was awesome, and I wish I could relive it, including the entire day, because I had solo and ensemble for band that morning, and I loved it.

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