Gershwin with Maggie and Maybel


Callum and Maggie preview the CSO’s April 6, 2013 concert, Here to Stay. They had fun working on it together after rehearsal (and ice cream, of course) until well after midnight. Good thing it wasn’t a school night.

My dad and I went to the Canton Symphony rehearsal on Friday, but we took along a guest, my sister Maggie, and she said “It was AMAZING and I loved it!” I completely agree with her, it WAS amazing. They played all Gershwin, and it sounded awesome already on the first rehearsal. [Dad: This was actually their only rehearsal.] Maggie said “I loved the music. I liked how it was sort of jazzy.” They had a big screen behind the musicians. They showed pictures of Gershwin and his family, and the man playing piano, they showed his hands on the piano. (His name is Kevin Cole.) Maggie said “I think it was really cool that we got to see all the pictures of Gershwin. I also thought it was cool that you could see the man playing the piano on the big screen.” On that screen, in the very beginning, they showed Gershwin playing the piano, and halfway into it, Mr. Cole started to play in unison with Gershwin and then finally he took over completely.

There was a tap dancer there, too (his name is Danny Gardner) and I thought he was amazing, and Maggie and I said that it must take a lot of skill to tap dance that well. She said “I thought that it was really cool that he can tap dance so well, and it doesn’t even look like he is tap dancing. Then he was tap dancing and playing the drum at the same time. I can’t even believe that he can tap dance AND play the drum at the same time that fast. It’s unbelievable.” I totally agree with her, I couldn’t believe it either. It does take a lot of skill to do that, and after Mr. Gardner was done, he was taking such deep breaths, because it is so tiring to do.


Then there was a singer also, and she was also amazing. Her name is Sylvia McNair, and she’s really famous. Maggie really loved her singing, and this is what she said about it: “She was a great singer. My dad told me that she won a couple Grammy awards, and I can believe that she won them, because of how great of a singer she is. She was a fantastic singer.” I thought the same thing, she was amazing and it would be great to hear her sing other things. I hope she might be able to sing with the Canton Symphony another time.


Then there was the break in rehearsal, and that’s when something happened that I kind of want to write about, but I will let Maggie tell you. She said “At break, I noticed the singer carrying her dog, and I wanted to go pet it. I thought it was a Dalmatian, but it wasn’t. She took the dog up to Mr. Zimmermann, and put the dog in his hands, and the dog licked him on the face. Then we got to go up and see the singer, and her dog pushed me over. But it didn’t hurt at all, and it made me laugh. The dog’s name was Maybel, and she was SO CUTE. She had black spots, and little fluffy ears.”

Then break was over. Since the pianist was there most of the time, I want to write about him and so does my sister. He was great, and I thought that everybody will like to see him play, especially on that big screen. He was playing really fast, and awesome. Maggie said “He played REALLY well, and I was amazed at how fast he could play.” She wants to write about all the instruments that she liked, so here it is: “I liked the violin, the piano, the bass, the gong, and I especially liked the cello.” I also want to mention the lights. They were amazing, and I loved them. They were beautiful and cool. I liked how they were changing colors and how the lights for the audience were completely off, so it was dark. Maggie said “They were cool, and they changed colors. I didn’t expect them to do that with the lights.”


All of us really enjoyed the rehearsal, and can’t wait for the concert. On the way home Maggie said “I am SO glad I went to that rehearsal. It was really fun.” My dad and I are going to the concert on Saturday. After the rehearsal, he took us to get ice cream, and then when we got home, Maggie and I got to stay up really late and write this blog. And we had a lot of fun doing it. As usual, I hope as many people as possible come to this concert.

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